Lil' Baci's Organic Sushi for Dogs
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Made Fresh in Boston, MA
Lil Baci's Organic SUSHI for DOGS

Why Sushi?
Why not Sushi! “Lil Baci’s Organic Sushi for Dogs” is
a Nutritional Powerhouse packed into each piece of our
handrolled Organic Sushi. Lil Baci's is a Grain-free
balanced high nutrient meal for Dogs.
We believe in an Holistic Approach to Canine Nutrition.
- with ZERO artificial ingredients -

Our Sushi is made with nutrient rich Organic Quinoa!
(an exceptionally more nutritious option than rice)
We offer innovative products of the Highest Quality
containing only Organic & Natural ingredients as
reflected in Lil Baci's Organic Sushi for Dogs and
Lil Baci's Organic Munchies ( crunchy Dog treats)

Our products are also ideal for Dogs with allergies
and sensitive stomach....Why? All of our products are:
- grain/gluten/wheat/soy/corn/rice free -

But they are so much more than nutrient rich. Lil Baci's Organic
Sushi for Dogs and Organic Munchies Dog treats are incredibly
appealing even to Dogs who are traditionally "picky eaters".
Try us and see:)

Bon Appetite!

After Dinner...Dogs can get "THE MUNCHIES" too:)



Meet "Lil Baci"...

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